K-Market share

Project financed with the contribution of Por Campania Fesr 2014-2020

The project involves the creation of a "marketplace sharing" platform for the watch market. It allows you to sell products in the traditional digital marketplace formula, as well as create a vast online database, through which users can share their products and draw from those of other suppliers affiliated with the platform. The Dropshipping Hub, Metprovides all affiliates with a single department store characterized by a large quantity of references

With K-Market share each affiliate can be at the same time both supplier and reseller/customer. The developed research project guarantees the achievement of the best quality standards in terms of the logistics chain, through:

  • The constant selection of affiliated suppliers
  • The quality control of theLa Mer ce
  • The selection of players for distribution


<tc>K-Market share</tc> allows you to:

  • Innovate the logistics sector of the online watch sales sector
  • Improve the supply of products, structuring a vast virtual database
  • Make work procedures more efficient, reducing the margin of human error in the logistics process
  • Constantly and in real time update the quantities in the warehouse through the QR CODE scanning system
  • Streamline and make the distribution process efficient through a Business Intelligence System


K-Market share, offers itself as the sole supplier, equipped with a vast shared warehouse of products, for which it establishes the price list upstream. Develop a specific strategy for each retailer, avoiding the emergence of a possible "price war" between suppliers. Keelt becomes the guarantor of the quality of the products handled through the analysis of the feedbaCk of affiliated suppliers, the improvement of the "internal" logistical-management process (quality cheCk and paCkaging) and the efficiency of the services distribution.

Financial support: €246,540.00

Project co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund