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Born to realize the best luxury watches in the world, Rolex has perfectly fulfilled its purpose. Hans Wildsdorf and Alfred Davies’ ideas truly realized themselves with the creation of a brand that boasts a legendary history. Among the incredible innovations praised by Rolex, there are the finest chronometers in the world, thanks whom Rolex obtained the largest number of certifications and they achieved the prestige to be the official time-keeper of F1. Rolex is pioneer in the sports thanks to its famous divers and timepieces suitable for aviation, climbing and horseback – but it is also an excellent partner in cinema and arts. The house endorses sport activities with its valued Rolex Oyster, Daytona and Explorer; the Swiss-made watch has also many excellent testimonials, such the Sean Connery’s James Bond with his iconic Rolex Submariner and the greatest orchestra conductors with their polished Cellini. As the years passed by,


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